About Us

Hi, my name is Willie Fruga Jr.  I am the owner of Will's Up Travel, LLC. I am very passionate about art, architecture, music, reading and cooking, but it is my passion for travel that allows me the opportunity to experience these interests. 

I absolutely love to see things I have never seen before, eat things I have never eaten before or maybe even just lounge on a beach in some far away destination that I have never been before.  To take a vacation and somehow wander down some random alley in Barcelona only to stumble upon an opera singer. (Check him out on my Facebook page).  Or perhaps to  take in all the sights of the Sacred Vatican City in Rome, Italy, travel is the vehicle that allows me to realize my dream to see the world.   

This is what I desire for you as well.  You may not have any ideas about where you want to go or how to even get started.  You've never traveled before and the thought of it is overwhelming.  Well, let me show you just how easy it can be, by letting me do all the work for you.  Actually, it will be a team effort. 

We will work together in designing your perfect vacation. Allow me to use my many vendor and supplier resources, I have available, to put together your best vacation possible at the best possible price.

Go ahead and take a look around, if you have any questions or want to get started,  then Contact Us.