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Air Travel

If you are flying into Poland from abroad, it's most likely that you will fly into Warsaw. The city's main Airport, Okęcie, also known as Chopin International Airport, is the largest airport in Poland, with about 70% of all the air traffic into and out of the country. About 80 daily international fights—as well as many charter flights—connect Warsaw with the rest of the world. You can fly nonstop from Warsaw to Chicago, Newark, New York–JFK, and Toronto. In addition, most European airlines connect Warsaw with the U.S. Warsaw's second airport, Modlin in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, serves most of the "low-cost" airlines that operate flights within Europe. Łódź also has some flights from within Europe, mainly from the UK and Germany. The flying time from New York to Warsaw is approximately 9 hours, from London approximately 2½ hours.

Airports and Transfers

Warsaw's Okęcie Airport, also known as Chopin International Airport, is 7 km (4½ miles) south of the city center and has the most international flights into and out of Poland. Modlin, in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, about 35 km (22 miles) northwest of the center. Łódź Lublinek Airport is located about 10 minutes drive southwest of the city center.

Five public bus routes connect Okęcie Airport to key points around the city: Bus 175, 188, 148, 331, and Night Bus N32. During the day, the service is frequent, at night, less so. Purchase your "single-fare transfer ticket" for zł 4.40 at a kiosk or from the machine at the bus stop. Or you can buy a one-day (zł 15) or a weekend pass (zł 24). If your immediate destination is not Warsaw, Polski Express has direct service from Okęcie to major Polish cities. The airport train station is served by both long-distance and local trains, which go to the center of Warsaw (SKM Szybka Kolej Miejska lines S2 and S3). City buses and SKM trains share the same ticketing system. Avoid taxi hawkers and unmarked vehicles (which have no number at the top) outside the arrivals hall at all costs: not only are these cabs expensive but they can also be dangerous. The airport recommends three taxi companies: Ele Taxi, Sawa Taxi, and Super Taxi. Your best bet is to call a radio taxi from one of the radio taxi kiosks in the arrivals area, or call your hotel in advance and have them pick you up. A cab ride into the city should cost about zł 40 (most hotel taxis have higher, fixed rates, of approximately zł 60).

You can transfer to Modlin airport via the Modlin shuttle bus, which you can ride every 20 or 30 minutes; many other buses out of the Modlin airport serve towns both large and small, primarily in central and northeastern Poland. Intercity trains also stop at Modlin station. A taxi to or from Modlin airport is an expensive option, costing approximately zł 200–zł 250 with a radio-taxi company.


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